Lorente, Manuel

About Manuel Lorente

Manuel Lorente is a contemporary artist from Valencia, Spain. Since a young child Lorente
describes being mesmerized and drawn to art. He fondly recalls that his family took him to
many exhibitions throughout Spain and Europe and these memories fostered his passion for art
and led him to decide to pursue a career as a professional artist. He studied at the School of
Applied Arts and Artistic Trades in Valencia where his technical painting and drawing skills were
more fully developed.
Lorente describes the port and beaches close to his home as a major inspiration and the model
from which he loves to paint. He states, “the sunrise, the light at sunset in spring and autumn
by the ocean are moments that especially attract me.” In addition, he describes artists like
Carmen Laffón and Pinazo as other art inspirations.
Lorente’s tranquil beaches and port paintings utilize color, texture, and light to create a sensory
experience for the viewer. In each of his works he tries to not only create a beautiful visual
experience for the viewer, but also aims to conjure the sensations of being transported to these
destinations. He states, “I try to recreate the environment or sensation that the motif produces
in me at the moment of capturing it.” Lorente hopes that viewers experience a similar
sensation, a calling from the ocean and nature.


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