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About John Burrows

John Burrows grew up in a large, uproarious family in the San Diego area.  His father was a building designer and contractor developing primarily commercial projects.  When he was 8 years old, he came down with polio but luckily, the effects were small and over time he was able to work out any atrophy.  His father was concerned about motor skills and constantly had John carving, or drawing, or painting and even making beaded hat bands and belts. It worked, and his eye-hand coordination has been excellent ever since.  More importantly, John became infatuated with the arts at an early age.

Initially, following in his father’s footsteps John thought he wanted to be an architect but over time, found out that his “Achilles heel” was math.  In high school and college John took several art classes, eventually being accepted into the Los Angeles Art Center College of Design.  Although focused on design, he still had many art classes, watercolor, acrylic illustrations, figure drawings and even a bit of photography.  After graduation John worked for a couple of architectural firms and in 1975 started his own commercial interior design company focused on banks, offices, schools, retail stores and exhibits.  As much as John enjoyed design, that became his business and art became his passion.”

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