Wedding Photograph Restoration

Wedding Photograph Restoration

Family photographs are sentimental, irreplaceable treasures. What happens when they are damaged or become faded? Bring them to us! Our photo restoration services yield amazing results and will allow your treasures to be enjoyed for generations.

We start with a high-resolution digital scan of your original photograph and then our photo restoration experts do their magic. First, the original tones and colors are brought back and any stains, cracks and/or tears are then removed. Even whole missing areas can be filled in.
Once the photo has been digitally restored as near as possible to the original state, a new photo is printed using the finest light-fast inks and archival paper.

Our services also include special effects such as brush stroke (oil or watercolor effect), pop art and cartoon. Let us create a special gift for that special someone in your life. We can even change the background and/or remove/add objects or even people. Of course we can also do your basic photo services such as reduction and enlargement, as well as, reproductions.

Bring us your cherished but tarnished treasures and we’ll bring them back to life!

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