18th Century Original Turner Etching

18th Century Original Turner Etching

This etching came to us with moderate foxing, acid burns and overall yellowing due to airborne contaminants, as well as, acidity inherent in the paper itself. As you can see from the images, the transformation is quite dramatic as the foxing and acid burns have been removed and the paper has been de-acidified.

These results are achieved through a laborious process of “dry cleaning” to remove surface contaminants and “wet cleaning”, including a de-acidification bath. This process is begun only after careful assessment by our professional paper conservator to evaluate any deviation of the item from its original state.

Our paper and document restoration services also include repair and touch-up of physical damage including tears, holes, wrinkles, dents, and missing areas of ink or paint. We can restore nearly any type of media on paper including posters, etchings, original works of art on paper and historical or family documents.

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