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About Uwe Werner

Uwe Werner is a multi-faceted artist whose works range from non-subjective to realistic. Although he paints the pristine clarity of northern forests and lakes as well as the southern arid regions of the United States, his greatest reputation lies in his realistic portrayals of the many moods of the sea which express his personal fondness for this sometimes malevolent, mostly benevolent power of nature. “I feel the sea is continually changing in its temperament; one need never paint the same scene twice. It can be warm, cool, stormy, calm, or countless combinations of these moods.” Whether Uwe paints animals, seascapes, or children, he always conveys a sense of love and appreciation for his subjects and their individual personalities. His paintings of children portray heartfelt emotions since his own children are often the subjects.

Born in Koblenz, Germany, in 1942, Uwe Werner settled in Tacoma, Washington, after coming to the United States. He studied fine art at PLU in Tacoma, as well as at the University of Washington in Seattle from which he received his degree in art. His paintings are widely collected throughout the world and have been exhibited in prominent galleries in Houston and Corpus Christi, Texas; Fort Smith, Arkansas; Scottsdale, Arizona; Seattle, Washington; and in Los Angeles, San Diego, Beverly Hills, and La Jolla, California.

His work has received national and local recognition in magazines and newspapers; he was featured in Southwest Art magazine in 1979. One critic stated, “Werner brings sophistication to the seascape.” Uwe doesn’t present the stereotype decorator marine scene; his direction lies in the moods that speak to the viewer’s realm of experience. Art enthusiasts who wish to acquire a marine scene for their collections seek his paintings.

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