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About Nancy Seamons Crookston

Nancy is an artist with innumerable accolades and awards. She was juried into the prestigious Oil Painters of America. Later she achieved the Master Signature level of OPA and was honored with the first place National Award of Excellence.

Nancy has graced the cover of fine art magazines, such as Southwest Art Magazine on which she has been featured front and center. She was also chosen to judge fellow OPA members in their prestigious national award competition which is the highest honor within OPA. In addition to many other accomplishments, she recently entered an international competition for portrait artists from all over the world and placed fourth.

Nancy Seamons-Crookston grew up in Utah with a mother who was a nurse/poet and a father who was a schoolteacher as well as a musician. This childhood fostered a creative environment that she remembers fondly. She then went on to college, marriage and a family of her own. Nancy still found time to follow her passion and eventually she was able to study with Sergei Bongart, a renowned master Russian painter. These workshops were only the beginning of Nancy’s paths to sold-out exhibitions in Japan as well as multiple national and international recognitions.

Undoubtedly inspired by her close relationship with her children, Nancy’s tender seaside moments have garnered numerous awards. She is a gifted artist who is able to capture not only the feeling of the moment but also the spirit of the person. Her paintings are timeless and as stated by one collector “This will be passed on to our children and probably, one day, on to theirs as well”.

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