Oakes, Jon

About Jon Oakes

Jon Oakes has been hand crafting his unique line of Raku vessels for more than 15 years. Blazed for iridescence and with a crackled texture, his pottery combines the centuries old Japanese firing technique (Raku) with modern design. Each piece is a hand designed work of art, and no two pieces are exactly alike.

Jon was born in 1958 in Minneapolis, Minnesota and raised in rural North Dakota. “As a boy in the Midwest during the early 70’s, there wasn’t much exposure to the arts and I longed for it,” Oakes says. Fortunately while attending high school, he met the greatest inspiration of his life. After witnessing Jon’s talent and aptitude, the school art teacher dug out a dusty old potter’s wheel and sat John down. “I felt comfortable instantly, as if I were meant to throw clay” says Oakes.

A few years ago, Jon began to blow glass. He has always been intrigued by the glassblowing process and is fascinated by the transparency of glass which allows light to shine through it. This wonderful quality is not found in ceramics. He particularly enjoys designing his own cane and murrine as elements for his glass. Jon’s intent in the future is to combine his two favorite mediums; ceramic and glass.

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