Llew, Houston

About Houston Llew

Houston started enameling in a hot Atlanta garage in 2008, after finding himself unemployed in the middle of the great recession and in need of an artistic medium of his talents. Through fortuitous circumstances, Houston met the master enamelist Zingaro and followed him around, shadowing the artist around his studio until he gave Houston the keys to enameling that would later evolve into his first work – Spiritiles. For months he spent every waking hour over a kiln, experimenting, sketching, living on only “ramen and beer.” Houston says that the only reason his art exists today is because he had no other option – no job to fall back on, no security other than what he could create himself. This tenacity kept Houston going so that when one thing wouldn’t work, he would step back, retool, and try a new path. Houston is infamous for “spitballing” ideas and trying seemingly crazy things just to see if they work. By harnessing that constant experimentation, his artistry evolved from enameled imagery to a combined image and story design. From the beginning, what pushed Houston forward was the uplifting thoughts and musings. This became the cornerstone of his work- create art that inspires, uplifts, and brings a hopeful connection to life.

NOTE: *”Due to high demand for these pieces, please inquire with the gallery for availability.”


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