Oil Painting Art Restoration

Oil Painting Art Restoration

Oil Painting Restorations

Oil painting restoration is a painstakingly labor intensive process that requires an immense amount of patience, time and skill.   It is important to establish the time period and value of your artwork prior to restoration. Our restoration services include:

  • Cleaning layers of dirt, residue and grim: Cleaning is carefully preformed in small increments.
  • Varnish removal and conditioning: Over time varnish tends to yellow and crack due to exposure. This process is done light handed and is preformed in small increments. When varnish is removed the painting will dry up and need conditioning. This is a delicate process that uses mineral oils specially formulated to relax the dry pigment.
  • Repairing rips and tears: It may be necessary to patch tears and fill rips with putty.
  • In-painting of large missing areas: This process takes several layers to achieve to return painting to its original state. Our expert art restorer studies and practices all genres of art, from the work of the old masters to the work of contemporary art.
  • Re-varnishing: A thin uniform coat of museum quality varnish is applied once the painting is dried. This is the final step to protect painting and bring out the depth of the colors.

Art and Frames has been preforming oil painting restorations for over 35 years. We also offer artifact and sculpture restoration. Our expert restorer will diagnosis and create an estimate best suited for your artwork. Restoration will preserve and bring your old treasures back to life.

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