Fine Art Gallery Details Conservation Framing Techniques

Fine Art Gallery Details Conservation Framing Techniques

Art & Frames specializes in custom framing and conservation. This means that prized artwork, photos, and heirloom pieces can be preserved for generations and will remain in fantastic condition for the duration of their display.

How It’s Done

To extend the life of your treasured objects or artworks, our fine art gallery uses state of the art materials to prevent deterioration. At Art and Frames we always use:

  • 100% archival, acid free materials
  • Ultra violet filtering glass or Plexiglas
  • Reversible mountings that do no damage

The Main Goals of Conservation Custom Framing

At Art and Frames, we believe in protecting your investments, both monetary and emotional. Whether you are framing an invaluable masterpiece or a family heirloom, our custom framing services provide the following benefits:

  • Protect art and photos from contact with acidic materials
  • Block light that can fade colors andcause structural damage
  • Prevent exposure to moisture and mold
  • Provide a barrier to dust and bugs and smoke

You can learn more about the details of our process by requestingadditional information specific to your project needs. Please call or visit our fine art gallery in Coronado for more information.

Get Long-Term Preservation for Paintings, Photos, and More

Nothing lasts forever, but there is no reason that, with proper care, our conservation framing should not last for hundreds of years. We guarantee that our products and services will endure through your lifetime and that you will be able to leave your cherished items to future generations.

To contact us, call Art & Frames at 619.435.5212.

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