Repair Artwork in San Diego

Repair Artwork in San Diego

If you own vintage or antique artwork, you may notice the colors yellowing or fading. This is because artists in the past used an organic-based vanish to preserve paintings on canvas.

The longer this old varnish remains, the more challenging it becomes to remove.

It is for this reason that our fine art restoration specialists at Art & Frames advise our clients to come in sooner than rather than later.

New Varnishes for Older Paintings

When you request art restoration services in San Diego at Art & Frames, we don’t just restore the pieces to their original glory, we also take extra steps to keep it looking fresh for the foreseeable future.

After the old varnish is removed and the painting is fully restored, we apply a modern varnish that does not yellow over time, ensuring that your artwork’s true colors continue to shine.

Holding Sentimental Items Dear

Our clients often bring us heirloom artwork that has been in the family for generations. We understand the sentimental value attached to such treasures and take great care while restoring them. Our artists are able to maintain the original look while repairing the surface or the painting, the damaged frame, or even the fixtures within the shadowbox.

Clearing the Air

Another consideration to keep in mind when assessing vintage artwork is dirt buildup. When dust or dirt sits on the surface of a painting, the result is typically dull or muddy looking colors.

A good cleaning and conditioning may be all your painting needs to remove the dust, dirt, and other environmental pollutants, including years of exposure to cigarette or paraffin candle smoke.

Dust Off the Cobwebs and Head to Art & Frames

Whether you want your antique artwork hanging as the focal point in your home or plan to pass it on to your descendants, Art & Frames can make these wishes come true.

Call or Come In

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