Photo Restoration in San Diego

Photo Restoration in San Diego

Photo restoration services continue to be in high demand, since digital cameras are still a relatively new technology. Even though you might have cloud storage for your recent snapshots, most of us have a box or album of old photos that have been handed down to us over the years.

It is these heirlooms that are vulnerable to wear and tear and often show signs of spotting, fading, and creasing. If you have one or more of these photos in your possession, our photo restoration experts can restore them to a like-new condition using state of the art technology.

A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words

Some photos are too good to pass up and simply throw away.

Consider the following examples:

  • A one-in-a-million shot of a grandma’s and grandpa’s wedding kiss that has faded over time.
  • A military portrait that is now stained and spotted.
  • A photo of a handwritten love letter composed decades ago.

These are priceless pieces of nostalgia that should be preserved for future generations. Art & Frames can help you cherish these recollections by transforming damaged photos into astounding works of art. We can even further ensure their longevity by creating a customized display using archival museum-quality materials and elegant frame design.

Bring Old Photos Back to Life

For photos that have been damaged by the passage of time, consult Art & Frames for quality photo restoration service that fits your needs. From vintage wedding photos to antique baby photos, these are the images that live within our hearts for a lifetime. Display these treasured moments proudly in your home or share brand new prints with your loved ones by contacting us for high-quality photo restoration services.

About Art & Frames

Art & Frames is a fine art gallery based in Coronado, California. If you have an old photo that is deeply meaningful but deteriorating, photo restorations are our area of expertise. Our skilled artisans also specialize in restoring oil and acrylic paintings, watercolors and documents.

What Moves Us?

Our experts see the beauty and charm of everyday photos. We take pride in seeing your face light up when your photo or painting is reinstated to its original glory.

Get Your Memories Out of the Closet and onto Your Gallery Wall

Excavate your buried treasures in San Diego and head our way.

Get High-End Results Locally and Affordably

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