High-End Custom Framing in San Diego at Fair Prices

High-End Custom Framing in San Diego at Fair Prices

Art & Frames offers authentic custom framing services in San Diego. The personalized frames you order through our fine art gallery are truly one of kind and cannot be found in stores. Whether you want to elevate your interior design or wish to preserve and highlight prized memorabilia, we’re in the business of producing brilliant frames that meet your needs.

The Benefits of Choosing a Custom Frame

Our clients in San Diego order custom frames for a number of reasons, namely:

  • Any Size Fits – Most store-bought frames comes in standard sizes like 16”x20” and 24”x36”. If your art doesn’t fit in that box, you might have to worry about uneven matting or trimming it down! A custom frame maintains the integrity of your artwork’s dimensions, creating the perfect fit without having to alter the piece.
  • Quality Craftsmanship – Our custom frames are built using the highest quality materials, including handcrafted Italian mouldings and high-end hand wrapped fabric mats. When you stop by our gallery in Coronado, you’ll be able to see our workmanship up close and personal.
  • Unique Memorabilia – Our fine art consultants have a keen eye for design and will even suggest the best type of custom frame for your project. From Persian rugs to children’s artwork to sports memorabilia, we frame it all. There is virtually no limit to what we can do.
  • Longevity – Items that hold a great deal of financial or sentimental value fare better when properly protected. Due to the fact that we use state of the art archival materials and techniques, our high-quality custom framework is guaranteed to last a lifetime and more. Your priceless treasures are worthy of world-class design and museum standard preservation. Be sure to discuss your goals with our custom frame consultants in order to ensure the best solution for your needs.
  • Drama – Order a tailor-made custom frame in San Diego that will be a focal point of your room. From a romantic boudoir to a contemporary kitchen, we can create a design for any style and personality. Art & Frames would love the opportunity to create dramatic custom framing that further enhances the art that you already love.


We Never Cut Corners

For more than 40 years, Art & Frames has served clients across the world with custom framing services. Based in Coronado, California, our in-house designer and owner, Jill, has been recognized as the number one framing designer in the United States.

Get Your Creative Design Juices Flowing

Frame your achievements, including degrees and awards; Build an enviable nursery; Highlight a collection of souvenirs from nomadic adventures. These are just a few ideas to get you started!

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